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18-October-2016 10:40
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by Admin

Severn Project CIC is going to be launching a crowd funding campaign in the next couple of weeks, related to our land purchase in Holt, Wiltshire.  This is the first of a few blogs related to the campaign.

The primary question is of course - "why"?


Primarily it seems critical to me that in these days the community begins to involve itself fully in the whole business of food production in both the rural and urban setting.  The UK post-war food system is pretty much unrecognisable when compared to the current failing model and we seem to be ridiculously dependent upon other countries ability to provide what we need.

  • Until the 1970s the UK was pretty much self-sufficient in temperate produce but currently we import around 80% of our seasonal food.  
  • Much of the food that we have access to in this country has travelled a long way and is produced on land that does not contain adequate nutrients – as a consequence the food does not provide the nutrients that we need.  Many studies have shown for instance that fresh produce is deficient particularly in potassium (necessary for a healthy cardiovascular system) and magnesium which is needed by every organ in the body. 
  • Since the replacement of “markets” with Supermarkets, aggressive advertising campaigns means that a number of generations have grown up completely dependent on the ‘big four’ supermarkets for their needs.


We have established that it’s possible to grow a large amount of food on a relatively small piece of land - our 2015-16 accounts show an agricultural income of over £200,000 from approximately 2.5 acres of land. We also employ 11 people, many of whom are from challenging backgrounds.  We want to bring this model to the rural environment where unemployment rates are just as high as they are in the cities.

Overall, our mission is to make market gardening viable and visible. We need to move away from imported poor quality food stuff, away from processed food and begin to establish sustainable models of nourishment and employment throughout the country.


We hope that you can share this message and support us financially when the time comes!


Steve Glover


18 October 2016