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Crowdfunding Stretch Target

18-November-2016 11:47
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by Admin

We achieved our target on Monday the 14th thanks to everyone who decided that it was a wise move to invest in the future of local food.

As part of our promotional campaign we have been going through our strong points as a CIC and have been promoting those on social media and using our other networks.

Of course most businesses employ people and so most businesses generate social outcomes which is great. We just choose to offer employment to people who would struggle to access mainstream employment. The avergae number of agricultural workers per acre in the UK is 0.01. We employ 2.4 workers per acre (not including packing or distribution).



Of course most businesses generate money – that is what they are for. As a grower and distributor of local food however, most of what we spend stays in the local area. Since 2010 we have turned over £750,000 in sales of produce. Estimates show (https://www.lm3online.com/about) the uplift per every £1 spent is 76p and in our case that means that we have contributed £1.32M to the local economy since 2010.


So we have set a stretch target of £50,000. 

  • Basically, the more investors we have the more food we can grow
  • The more food we can grow the more people we can employ
  • The more the local area benefits



Alongside the benefits listed above, we will open our site in Holt to groups of accompanied dementia sufferers who may be from a farming background and would benefit from an afternoon on the farm every couple of weeks.

Please help us reach the target!