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Reject Toxic Agriculture

27-October-2016 15:16
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by Admin

The problem

Food and farming, around the world, is at a crisis point. Year on year we are losing good practice, skilled labour, biodiversity, soil, water and land.  

Meanwhile an industrialised food system which accounts for over half of global greenhouse gas emissions only functions if it is permitted to generate ridiculous levels of waste and a massive carbon footprint. 

This food system relies on industrialised farming, which in turn demands increases in toxic monoculture, the genetic modification of organisms, the use of both petroleum derived nitrogen fertilizers and chemical products. 

We cover our produce in herbicides, pesticides, growth retardants and mould inhibitors and still food shortages are rampant throughout the world with nearly a million people in the UK receiving emergency food from foodbanks. 

Unless we engage now in the future of our food supply, we risk going down a road of no return.

The solution

We need socially and environmentally responsible businesses, committed to innovation in food supply systems. We need businesses that create multiple opportunities for individuals and communities within small scale food production, with processing and distribution in both rural and urban settings. 

Steve Glover October 2016