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We Deliver... Environmentally

04-November-2016 10:52
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by Admin

At The Severn Project we believe organic food production is the future. We grow adhering to organic principles, avoiding pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers. We believe these are bad for the planet and bad for people.




The polytunnels on our Whitchurch site provide a surface area that is 2.5 times bigger than the sails of the Cutty Sark. This got us thinking… so we installed a tank which holds a million litres of water to catch the rainwater runoff. So here on the farm we’ve got our own renewable water supply!



Finally, short chain food supply systems are the least polluting form of agriculture. More than half of the food produce consumed in the UK is now imported (Ruiter et al., 2016). It is estimated that the greenhouse gas emissions from this imported supply amount to 62Mt each year (Audsley et al., 2009). Much of this is due to long delivery distances, with food transport accounting for a quarter of all heavy goods vehicle miles travelled each year (DEFRA, 2009). In the last year alone we have distributed 50 tonnes of locally grown produce to local people, all with a low carbon foodprint.


Other Things We Do to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint!

   Use Biodiesel from Bristol Bio Fuels whenever possible

   Compost all biodegradable waste

   Re-use crates and boxes collected from Bristol Fruit Market

   Have a 'Think before you Print' policy

   Nuturing a small biodiversity orchard

   Using recycled materials to build our packing shed