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Massive Thanks to the Changemakers

15-November-2016 8:02
in General
by Admin

Massive thanks to all our pledgers!! Once the destination is fixed we are all Changemakers along with Santander who have pledged a whopping £10,000!!

We have reached our primary Crowdfunding target!  

When we were writing the bid we set a stretch target of £50k and now every new pledge will be put to use in continuing to re-establish the viability of small scale growing and will mean even more nutrient dense fresh produce AND employment created in the market gardening industry – so badly needed in this period of political uncertainty.   

Our method of growing food requires 2.4 persons per acre and a further 2.4 persons in ancillary work – packaging, distribution and admin.  The national average of persons per acre is a lot less.  Its 0.01 persons.   That’s 1 person for every 240 acres.  No wonder rural unemployment is so high!

Please keep pledging and sharing – literally the more that is pledged, the more changes we can make.

See how we are planning to put the money to use here!