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We Deliver... Economically

17-November-2016 14:12
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The key to Severn Project success is that we primarily function as a business. We create social outcomes as we go with a simple policy of employing people with significant barriers to mainstream employment. We do access grant finance when appropriate, but it’s only ever used for infrastructure costs, allowing streamlining of our business activities which keeps the prices down for our customers.



Since 2010, we have been employing people from a range of backgrounds including those recovering from substance misuse, people with poor mental health and those with offending backgrounds.

Since 2013 alone we have paid out over £160,000 in wages, directly supporting disadvantaged members of the community through meaningful and fulfilling employment.

Since 2010 we have seen our sales rise as more local shops, restaurants, cafes and wholesalers choose to buy our product for its consistently high quality and successful social outcomes. Our sales have increased by 100% since 2013.



We do take on debt finance and pride ourselves on our ability to repay debt (and our suppliers) properly.


  • Debt taken on to date £300,000
  • Debt level at present £150,000
  • Sales turnover since 2010 is £710,485.00
  • With an uplift of 76% for resale value, the total stimulation to the local economy in that period is £1,250,453.00
  • Average workers per acre in UK horticulture is 0.01
  • Severn Project worker density per acre is 2.4


Growing and buying local food stimulates the economy directly through business activities.  If the growing is being done by a CIC or an organisation with community values the financial benefit is maximised by the engagement of people who would find it hard to get a job in mainstream employment thus reducing their dependence on the state.